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Pre-Planned Moving for Marietta, Ohio

Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc offers pre-planned moving for Marietta, Ohio. Whether you are relocating your family or business, packing and preparation can be overwhelming and time-consuming. When preparing to move, it is best to make proper arrangements to make the day a breeze. Call Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc. at (740) 373-0313 or contact us online to prepare for moving day. Here are a few tips to make moving easier for your family or business:

1 month before moving:

Visit the local Post Office to file a change of address form.

Notify any billing services, such as Netflix, loan holders, Amazon, and credit card companies, of your address change.

If moving to a new town, state, or county, gather all medical information and research doctors around the area.

Look for older items that you no longer use to dispose of or donate.

Speak with your utility providers at home and in the new area to turn on or shut off service.

Give your child’s school or any organizations notice of your move, especially if changing school districts.

3 weeks before moving:

Prepare a basic floor plan of the new home or commercial space for easy placement of large appliances or furnishings.

Make proper arrangements for moving pets, plants, and other important items in your home.

If you have a safety deposit box at your bank, remove or transfer the contents.

Review your homeowner’s insurance to see if moving is covered in your policy.

Talk with your insurance agent to transfer fire, theft, and other coverage to your new home.

Stock up on moving supplies such as tape, boxes, shrink or bubble wrap, etc.

2 weeks before moving:

Fill any liquids, like oil and anti-freeze, when shipping a vehicle, and keep the fuel tank at half full.

Make sure you have set travel plans with other drivers or moving trucks.

Dispose of flammable or combustible items or liquids for added safety.

Discontinue newspaper delivery, trash pick-up, lawn service, and other regular services.

Give any moving helpers notice.

1 week before moving:

Make sure you know your mover’s payment plan, and properly prepare to have it ready upon arrival.

Make arrangements to disconnect/connect local phone service at your origin/destination.

Pack and set aside any small items that you plan to take along with you.

Use up perishable foods, or give them away.

The day before the move:

Prepare a box of items you need upon arrival. Make sure it is easily accessible when packing the moving vehicle, or set it aside to carry with you.

After packing, double check all bags and boxes if possible.

Color-coordinate or label the boxes with the room they belong to.

Make sure that your freezer or refrigerator is clean and completely defrosted.

Prepare for moving day:

It is best to be at your current home when the driver arrives to ensure everything is ready to go.

Do one final walk-through of the space to make sure you did not miss anything. Check cabinets, closets, and crawl spaces as well.

Lock any doors and windows, and turn off any switches at your current home or business.

Look over items to make sure they are not damaged or broken during transport.

Make moving in easy:

If possible, make a trip to your new home to check that utilities are connected and working. You do not want to show up to a dark or cold home!

Refer to your floor plan to place large appliances and furnishings.

Make time to pay the driver before unloading your items.

Time to unpack and officially enjoy your new home!

Contact Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc when you need pre-planned moving for Marietta, Ohio.