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Movers for Belpre and Marietta, Ohio

Do you need movers for Belpre and Marietta, Ohio? If so, call Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc. Moving to a new space can be challenging, no matter how close or far away the new place is. Washington County residents can trust Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc. for exceptional moving, storage, and distribution services. Our technicians can move, pack, and transport household goods, appliances, commercial and industrial equipment, and much more. Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc. also offers warehouse storage services for commercial and household goods. For more information about our moving and storage services, call Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc. at (740) 373-0313.

Local to International Moving Service for Belpre, Ohio, Residents

Home and business owners in Belpre, Ohio, can count on Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc. for trustworthy moving services. Whether you are moving locally, nationally, or internationally, our movers are here to provide stress-free moving and transport. Five Star offers packing, priority moving, and much more to accommodate your plans. Our movers determine local moving rates by how many bodies you need. Five Star considers a move “local” when it is within 45 miles of Marietta, Ohio, or Parkersburg, WV. Our company bases intrastate and interstate moving rates on weight and mileage.

Warehousing and Distribution Services for Marietta, Ohio

Residents in Marietta, Ohio, looking for reliable warehousing, and distribution services can depend on us. Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc. can warehouse and deliver household goods, commercial goods, restaurant equipment, and hotel furnishings. Five Star offers a safe and secure warehouse facility in Marietta, Ohio, for all your storage needs. Five Star Transfer, LLC, is also available to meet your freight transportation needs for local and nationwide destinations. Our company serves all of Washington County, so contact us today!

Contact Five Star Moving & Storage, Inc when you need movers for Belpre and Marietta, Ohio.